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Wet wet wet!

It's been raining. A lot. Today I took the opportunity, during a break in the clouds (which wasn't as long as I needed, so I still got wet), to take the houseplants outside and repot them before they decided to die completely. I honestly didn't realise t… more »
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Spot the difference

So, as I've mentioned, there was another storm last night. After going to the school, then the shops, then returning home, I went into the back yard to check on the gardens and feed the fish. The neglected pond and bog garden have collected a lot of… more »
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Brisbane vs storm season

On Sunday afternoon, a storm described as the worst in 20-odd years in Brisbane caused all sorts of devastation in the north-west suburbs. I won't bother trying to choose a link - if you don't get news reports from Queensland, I'm sure all you'll need t… more »
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Smells like spring

It's still officially winter here. It's been pretty cold (for Queensland!) but now the sun is rising earlier, the days are becoming milder, and driving DH to the train station at 6:30am isn't as painful as it was even a week ago. This morning there w… more »
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