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Green smoothies on ice

Back in February, I wrote about our summer experiment with "tea" made into ice blocks/icy poles/popsicles. Summer is again approaching, and with the unseasonably hot spring, the boys wanted to make more. So they did. During the past few months, we've… more »
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Destroying things can be therapeutic

I really wanted to call this post "Killing things can be therapeutic" but then I realised what day it is, and decided not to. On second thought, even the title I gave it is a bit questionable, but still... Anyway, I was talking about what I did in the… more »
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Summer (fruit) lovin'

As many of you (oh, wait... is anybody reading this anyway??? *crickets chirping*... um, OK, never mind) will know, it's summer here. We're so close to autumn, but it's definitely still summer. I've had the basis (and the photos) of this post in my he… more »
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Iced tea... with a twist

Technically, it's iced herbal infusion with a twist, since we don't actually drink "real" tea. Anyway, during the summer, we've made a few batches of iceblocks (icy poles) with juice or lemonade. We have décor Lickety-Sips® but obviously any similar moul… more »
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Smells like spring

It's still officially winter here. It's been pretty cold (for Queensland!) but now the sun is rising earlier, the days are becoming milder, and driving DH to the train station at 6:30am isn't as painful as it was even a week ago. This morning there w… more »
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