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Your house is on fire, your children all gone

OK, so technically, there hasn't been any fire here, but this post is about the ladybird children growing into adults, so I decided it still works... sort of... Meanwhile, the ladybirds were also breeding (and still are). I had the amazing privilege… more »
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Ladybird, ladybird, fly away home

I actually intended to write about this weeks ago. However, there are still some beetles around, so it's not too late. :D I've had this rhyme running through my head now for weeks, every time I venture into a certain part of the garden. I only remem… more »
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I used to be the brave one...

When I first met DH, he was terrified of spiders. If there was a huntsman spider in the house, I was the one to get the container to take it outside. Both of us were happy to have them around, and neither of us wanted to kill them, but we preferred it… more »
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We (OK, mostly DH ;) ), in the process of cleaning up and shuffling things around in the shed, decided to dig out and clean up the old fish tank. It still scrubs up OK, even after all this time sitting in dust. Using the waste water that we redirected… more »
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