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Wet wet wet!

It's been raining. A lot. Today I took the opportunity, during a break in the clouds (which wasn't as long as I needed, so I still got wet), to take the houseplants outside and repot them before they decided to die completely. I honestly didn't realise t… more »
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Summer (fruit) lovin'

As many of you (oh, wait... is anybody reading this anyway??? *crickets chirping*... um, OK, never mind) will know, it's summer here. We're so close to autumn, but it's definitely still summer. I've had the basis (and the photos) of this post in my he… more »
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Spot the difference

So, as I've mentioned, there was another storm last night. After going to the school, then the shops, then returning home, I went into the back yard to check on the gardens and feed the fish. The neglected pond and bog garden have collected a lot of… more »
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Progress on the western front

DH was a little disappointed that I left the last garden update at the half-cleared point. I promised him that I was going to continue from the "teaser", so here are a few more glimpses. This first photo was taken after the last part of that section wa… more »
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I love, you love pineapple

A couple of years ago, as an experiment, we started saving the tops from bought pineapples and trying to see if they would grow. We place them in jars of water on the kitchen window sill, and it's fun to watch them grow roots and leaves. Pictured on th… more »
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