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Spot the difference

So, as I've mentioned, there was another storm last night. After going to the school, then the shops, then returning home, I went into the back yard to check on the gardens and feed the fish. The neglected pond and bog garden have collected a lot of… more »
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Progress on the western front

DH was a little disappointed that I left the last garden update at the half-cleared point. I promised him that I was going to continue from the "teaser", so here are a few more glimpses. This first photo was taken after the last part of that section wa… more »
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I used to be the brave one...

When I first met DH, he was terrified of spiders. If there was a huntsman spider in the house, I was the one to get the container to take it outside. Both of us were happy to have them around, and neither of us wanted to kill them, but we preferred it… more »
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Backyard spring cleaning

It's been a while since I posted in this blog, and lately I've been thinking that I want to start it up more regularly. It's spring, and we've really been inspired to get back into the garden. We've neglected it badly, and while the breaking of the dro… more »
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We (OK, mostly DH ;) ), in the process of cleaning up and shuffling things around in the shed, decided to dig out and clean up the old fish tank. It still scrubs up OK, even after all this time sitting in dust. Using the waste water that we redirected… more »
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