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Green smoothies on ice

Back in February, I wrote about our summer experiment with "tea" made into ice blocks/icy poles/popsicles. Summer is again approaching, and with the unseasonably hot spring, the boys wanted to make more. So they did. During the past few months, we've… more »
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Iced tea... with a twist

Technically, it's iced herbal infusion with a twist, since we don't actually drink "real" tea. Anyway, during the summer, we've made a few batches of iceblocks (icy poles) with juice or lemonade. We have décor Lickety-Sips® but obviously any similar moul… more »
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Sending potatoes...

Just for L... Sorry, this is all I was able to get through Customs ;D I hope it gives you a little smile. To everybody else, this may make absolutely no sense to you, but then again... who knows? Sending sticky vibes and all my best wishes to… more »
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