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Destroying things can be therapeutic

I really wanted to call this post “Killing things can be therapeutic” but then I realised what day it is, and decided not to. On second thought, even the title I gave it is a bit questionable, but still…

Anyway, I was talking about what I did in the garden today.

We planted some pumpkin vines a few months ago, and they’ve done a lot of leaf growing, and quite a bit of flower growing. However, the little fruits that emerged never really passed the button squash size before they would rot and fall off - or fall off and rot. I had pretty much given up on the pumpkin prospects, and decided that today was finally the day to clear the area for something else.

So I grabbed DH’s heavy duty rigging gloves to protect myself from those irritating little hairs, and started pulling out vines. I noticed a few fruit that had passed the teeny-tiny size and were still looking good, so I decided to give them another chance and carefully work around them. In my enthusiasm, I still managed to uproot those parts of the vines, but they had their own roots, so I’ve re-buried the roots, trimmed excess leaves to allow the fruit the best chance, and we’ll see how they go.

Halfway through I realised I hadn’t taken a “before” photo, which would have been cool, because the “after” shot would have been spectacular. But even in the absence of photographic evidence, the activity itself felt good. Cleansing, even. Now, if only I could find the same enthusiasm to de-clutter inside the house.

Another interesting thing that happened was that, while I was reefing out vines and flinging them across the garden into the pile, I suddenly realised that my shoulders weren’t hurting so much. Earlier in the week, I woke up with a stabbing pain between my shoulder blades, which was excruciating if I so much as turned my head, let alone threw things (well, technically, I didn’t throw things, but that’s beside the point). It improved a little bit at a time over the last couple of days, and it’s not “cured”, but I realised that today I wasn’t actually consciously thinking about it the whole time.

Later, DH joined me and helped plant a whole bunch of seedlings and seeds in the freshly cleared space. Unfortunately, the main pumpkin roots were infested with nematodes, so we have planted mostly marigolds and nematode-tolerant plants. We really should do some more soil improvement, but we wanted to hurry up and plant things, so we’ll work with it as we go along.

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