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Wet wet wet!

Rain gaugeIt’s been raining. A lot. Today I took the opportunity, during a break in the clouds (which wasn’t as long as I needed, so I still got wet), to take the houseplants outside and repot them before they decided to die completely. I honestly didn’t realise that cockroaches would lay eggs around the roots of peace lilies. Now I do.

While concentrating on moving pots, I didn’t even look at the backyard. Then I decided to walk over to see if the rain had produced any more little green leaves in the garden. Suddenly I realised that the path was a little, well… cluttered. The grevillea trea near the swings has finally fallen over. It hasn’t been the healthiest tree, although it has still had leaves and flowers. I haven’t investigated fully, but I suspect that with the ground softened by the rain, and the tree already being a bit weak and top-heavy, it was finally time. It’s quite possible that the roots have rotted.

Then I noticed that the cassava has gone over. Again. In pretty much the same spot as last time - except that now there is a no-dig garden there.
Cassava falls againAnd if I leave the cassava for too long (like, more than a couple of days), I can bet you that there will be new cassava roots trying to grow into the no-dig garden. This time, I’m not sure I want to replant it. Or at least, not in the same place. I’m thinking that spot, next to the arrowroot, would be good for the gingers, galangal and turmeric that are currently in pots. Speaking of which, we dug up some arrowroot tubers the other day, and I roasted a few of them last night, like potato. The child who refuses to try most vegetables, particularly new ones, agreed to taste it (OK, so I tried very hard to promote it as potato first, without actually totally lying) and decided he liked it. I confessed that it wasn’t potato, and he still liked it! Yes, it’s different from potato, but it’s useful enough that I’ll definitely be making more of an effort to use it from now on.

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