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Summer (fruit) lovin'


Melon hidingMeanwhile, we have sampled our very first watermelon from our very own garden. We planted some “Moon and Stars” watermelons, and the vines are happily advancing all over the back corner of the yard. This is a very cool variety, just for the spotty patterns that appear on the leaves and fruit. Yes, they’re supposed to look like that. At last count, there are four more melons maturing, plus a few flowers and possibly some baby melons forming. Interestingly, they hide really well!




Melon harvestWe didn’t see them until they were about 10cm in diameter, and most of them were stumbled upon by accident. It’s all one big experiment, because we’re not yet really sure how big they can get. The only reason we picked the first one was because the stem had died, so it wasn’t going to grow any more, and left any longer would probably have rotted. It wasn’t the sweetest we’ve ever tasted (possibly still a little immature) but it was still pretty good!

Baby melonAnd just for fun, this is what a baby melon looks like (not the same one we picked). Isn’t it cute?

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