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Summer (fruit) lovin'

As many of you (oh, wait… is anybody reading this anyway??? *crickets chirping*… um, OK, never mind) will know, it’s summer here. We’re so close to autumn, but it’s definitely still summer.

I’ve had the basis (and the photos) of this post in my head for a couple of weeks now, but I’ve finally decided to get some of it down in writing. There are a few photos, so for the sake of page loading, they’re on the next pages - just click on the page numbers.

I’ve talked about our almost-accidental pineapples before, and we’ve enjoyed a whole two pineapples from our back yard already! Very exciting. What we didn’t see coming was the flowering of one of the extremely neglected pineapple plants at the edge of the vegetable garden, overlooking the bog pond. They’re hardy things; truly drought-tolerant. They’re not dead! Apparently all that was required was some more water, which has been provided by some good falls of rain and extra watering of the plants we placed right next to the pineapples. So we’re watching the beautiful progress of our newest pineapple. Just like watching the grass grow, only prettier… and slower.

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