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Iced tea... with a twist

Technically, it’s iced herbal infusion with a twist, since we don’t actually drink “real” tea. Anyway, during the summer, we’ve made a few batches of iceblocks (icy poles) with juice or lemonade. We have décor Lickety-Sips? but obviously any similar moulds would work.

Recently I decided to try something a little different. Instead of filling them with sugary liquids, I wanted to use something healthier.

I made our favourite herbal infusions, enough of each to fill a set of moulds, and made herbal tea iceblocks. For the boys, I couldn’t completely avoid sugary liquid, because they like honey in their tea, but we ended up with chamomile for DS1, ginger for DS2, peppermint for DH (he varies his teas, but I decided peppermint was good for a cooling treat) and rosehip for me.

The boys were a little hesitant, but tried them - and approved them heartily. An interesting - although not surprising - result was that the sweetened iceblocks were softer (more like “real” iceblocks) than the unsweetened ones. There must have been enough honey to stop them from freezing hard. DH’s and mine were just like solid ice with flavouring. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but I like my iceblocks a little less teeth-shattering. I also like my rosehip tea unsweetened.

I think some more experimenting may be required. ;)

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Trackback from: Two Cockatoos [Visitor]
Green smoothies on ice
Back in February, I wrote about our summer experiment with "tea" made into ice blocks/icy poles/popsicles. Summer is again approaching, and with the unseasonably hot spring, the boys wanted to make more. So they did.

During the past few months, we'v...
Thursday, 8 October, 2009 @ 01:03

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