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Spot the difference

So, as I’ve mentioned, there was another storm last night.

Before (Oct 22) & after (Nov 20)After going to the school, then the shops, then returning home, I went into the back yard to check on the gardens and feed the fish. The neglected pond and bog garden have collected a lot of water, and I started to go through the vegetable garden to look for pesky cane toads in the water (they were attempting to breed in there yesterday). I realised that I couldn’t use the path around the herb spiral. I wonder if you can figure out why…

Can you spot the difference? No, I don’t mean the compost bin in the foreground of the top photo; it hasn’t blown away, DH has moved it to another spot… and I realise it’s a different time of day… and yes, the arrowroot has grown (it’s about a month between photos)… no, no, look a little closer

Vege garden Oct 22Um, yes, cassava trees normally grow vertically! That’s it, there on the right side of the vegetable garden.






Cassava rootsAnd it’s not really surprising, given the shallow roots, that it finally gave in to the elements - although not as impressive or terrifying as a huge eucalypt!

I’m thinking that maybe it’s time I made the effort to use some in the kitchen.



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