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Brisbane vs storm season

On Sunday afternoon, a storm described as the worst in 20-odd years in Brisbane caused all sorts of devastation in the north-west suburbs. I won’t bother trying to choose a link - if you don’t get news reports from Queensland, I’m sure all you’ll need to do is websearch “brisbane storm” and you’ll learn more than you’ll ever want to know. It’s been compared to a tornado, but nobody has actually announced that that is what it was. Tornadoes are not common here, definitely not like certain parts of the US, but they do happen. It was only a year ago that a mini-twister tore through the town I grew up in - the main difference being a smaller, sparser population; hence, less obvious destruction. And when I was a baby (and the same town was merely a small village with few residents to witness it) my parents experienced one cutting a path frighteningly close to our house.

We’re a mere 20 km away from the one that just happened, but we only caught a mild edge of the monster. Last night, another storm ripped through Brisbane, causing flash flooding and major headaches for those still trying to mop up from Sunday - some still waiting for assistance with repairing, or at least covering with emergency tarps, what’s left of their houses.

So there was another storm last night. This time there was a lot of rain, but again, we had a mild dose here. When I went to bed around midnight last night, I had looked at the weather radar, and I lay there listening to the thunder and the rain, wondering what we would see in the light of the morning. This morning, we looked out the window upon a glorious clear blue sky, streets washed clean and a freshness in the air. I was so busy getting organised to take DS to school that I really hadn’t thought any more about it until my mum rang to find out how we had fared. She had been hearing reports of flash flooding and more damage. I assured her that we were all just fine. DH even went to work on the north side of the city without any hassles.

I don’t take this for granted. I may not totally love where I live, but I’m definitely thankful that our weather is usually kind to us.

Please spare a thought for those who are still/again cleaning up after these storms.

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Spot the difference
So, as I've mentioned, there was another storm last night.

After going to the school, then the shops, then returning home, I went into the back yard to check on the gardens and feed the fish. The neglected pond and bog garden have collected a lot o...
Thursday, 20 November, 2008 @ 14:12

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