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Progress on the western front

Cleared - western gardenDH was a little disappointed that I left the last garden update at the half-cleared point. I promised him that I was going to continue from the “teaser”, so here are a few more glimpses. This first photo was taken after the last part of that section was cleared and mulched, but as you can see from the foreground, the rubbish hadn’t been cleared from the work area yet. This photo, taken on October 15, is actually two weeks later than the previous post.

Growing - western gardenAnother two weeks on - November 3 - things are greening up, and I’m actually starting to feel enthusiastic (even through the haze of the cold I was fighting off at the time).

The other day, I hacked off a whole bunch of canes from two of our bamboo clumps, with the intention of making a rough lattice-type trellis for the beans to grow on. The original idea was that the corn and sunflowers would be the main supports for the climbing beans, but we didn’t give them enough of a headstart, and the beans have overtaken many of them!

Cutting the bamboo also serves to clear a little of the area they’re planted in, and open up the space a bit. Additionally, it’s making use of our own resources, which is something I’m really interested in doing more of.

Bamboo trellis - western gardenThis photo was taken yesterday, after DH helped out and cut more canes so I could make the structure stronger (the original lattice was a lot looser and spaced further apart). The bamboo is simply pushed into the ground and connected together using a simple “weave”. This photo is also a slightly wider shot of the area than I showed previously. The poor little mango tree in the centre was at the far right of the other photos.

If you look carefully, you’ll notice my obsession with patterns - the bamboo came from two different varieties, so the right-leaning canes are one variety, and the left-leaning another. I was a lot less obsessive about the length and trimming of the canes, as I quite like the “rustic” effect of the mix.

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