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Smells like spring

It’s still officially winter here. It’s been pretty cold (for Queensland!) but now the sun is rising earlier, the days are becoming milder, and driving DH to the train station at 6:30am isn’t as painful as it was even a week ago.

This morning there were still patches of fog lying around at that hour. The sky was overcast for most of the day. There was a shower of rain early in the afternoon. And then I smelled the air. Yes, there was the smell of fresh rain, but there was something else too. I thought about it - there was something familiar about it, but it seemed as if it were a memory from years long past (you know those “smell memories” you get that take you straight back to a moment in time?)

Finally it hit me - it was the smell of spring. The smell that usually seems to arrive right on the first day of September. It’s in the air. It’s coming. And it’s not far away.

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