Well, I didn’t realise how long it’s been since I posted here. Apparently, I started “getting serious” and seriously abandoned the blog.

We did complete the 3 day challenge mentioned in that last post - basically green smoothies for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with only a couple of snacks at other times. Some time later we did the 10 day challenge, this time not aiming for 100% smoothies, but making sure there was a substantial smoothie component each day.

I was planning to do the 24 day Christmas countdown challenge. Then I decided to just do my own version. This is usually a dangerous thing. At least when the Green Smoothie Queen is sending daily prompts and inspiration, I tell myself that I committed to something that somebody else asked me to. I seem to have trouble committing to myself. However, this past month I have stuck to a mainly-raw, mostly plant-based diet. The times that I have eaten animal protein or cooked food, I haven’t actually felt that great afterwards. I can’t say if that’s purely psychological/guilt or if my body really didn’t like what I put into it.

I admit that I wasn’t going to actually post numbers until I was under 100kg, but it’s so close, and I feel I need a little bit of inspiration, so here goes. Since March, when I started documenting this journey and riding my bike more, I have lost/released about 13kg. Since the start of October, when I really got serious about the food part, I have lost/released about 8kg (included in, not in addition to, the 13 since March), about 5 of those during December alone (mainly-raw, mostly plant-based, no coffee, almost no alcohol). I haven’t braved the summer outdoors on my bike very much, but during the past week or so I have been trying to do some serious kms on The Man’s bike - currently on a stand indoors. Okay, so I slacked off a bit during the last couple of days.

The funny thing is that, even with the extra weight, when I was riding the bike more during winter, I was becoming quite fit. Getting back on the bike this month was a bit of a shock at first. It seems ironic that now I’m trying to regain the fitness I had when I was fatter.

I didn’t quite reach my weight goal, which was “double figures” (under 100kg) by Christmas, and to still be under 100kg by New Year. In other words, I was aiming to stay in control of it during the traditional stuff-your-face time. I’m so close, and now my goal is to be at double figures by the double figure year (’10). Today is our first double-figure wedding anniversary - married ten years ago today. I like the way all those numbers work together.

On our wedding day, I was heavier than I wanted to be, but I still have a bit of work to do to get to where I was back then. This time, however, I think I’m on a better track than the starve-myself-into-the-dress mentality I had at the time.

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Getting serious

So I said it was time to get serious, and here I am again, after midnight. My excuse this time is that I have to wait for a load of laundry to finish.

However, since that last post, I have actually signed up for the Green Smoothie Queen’s 3 Day Challenge. - three days of green smoothies. I start in the morning. I was supposed to get to bed early tonight as part of my preparation, but, well, I didn’t.

This is not my first time trying green smoothies. We’ve been making them for a few months now, sporadically, whenever we feel like them. This is our first time using them as our main source of food for more than a single meal. The Man is planning to do this with me, and we’re hoping The Boys will at least drink some smoothie with us. They’re not officially doing the challenge, but they enjoy partaking in a glass or two as a snack between other meals, or even as a “dessert”.

I still haven’t decided exactly how I plan to document this “getting serious” thing, but I figure I’ll just start with this Challenge and go from there. I just thought that it was time I followed up on my declaration of seriousness!

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Green smoothies on ice

Back in February, I wrote about our summer experiment with “tea” made into ice blocks/icy poles/popsicles. Summer is again approaching, and with the unseasonably hot spring, the boys wanted to make more. So they did.

During the past few months, we’ve also been experimenting with green smoothies. Even Boy Two (the avoider of all Green Things at all costs) decided that green smoothies were pretty cool. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago they were on a roll. They had made their tea ice blocks, and Boy One suggested we make some green smoothie ones. Upon a quick web search I discovered that we were not the first to try this (shocker, I know; we’re so original! haha) but it was still his own original idea at the time.

Best thing, they were a hit - and very easy to make, since we simply made a batch of smoothie, poured some of it into moulds and drank the rest. I don’t know if it really made too much difference, but if we want the smoothie to be fairly runny, I make it thicker at first, pour into the moulds, then add water to the remainder and give it another quick blend.

I’m looking forward to experimenting with more flavours to keep it interesting through the summer.

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Time to get serious

It’s mildly ironic that I’m writing this now, since it’s after midnight and part of my plan to “get serious” involves getting to bed at a decent hour. However, I’ve been thinking about it, and now seems as good a time as any to write it. I have also had a glass and a half of white wine during the course of the evening, so while my thoughts are more spontaneous and less refined, I’m more likely to be honest.

I need to make some changes. Yes, I already made a start, but I hit a plateau and I need to do something about getting back on track. I won’t go into detail right now, but I have health issues to deal with, including a whole stack of weight I need to shift.

So I’ve decided to do what every other self-respecting blogger has done, and document my process. It seems that people find more success with sticking to their plans when they’ve made them public, sometimes embarrassingly so. While my blog certainly doesn’t have a readership anywhere near the size of the television audience of shows like The Biggest Loser, the idea that somebody, somewhere may read my blog and judge my efforts could be motivation enough. Even if nobody reads it but me, I will know that I can’t hide it any more.

I haven’t decided how much detail I will post. I don’t know if I’m brave enough to document photos or weight or a food diary (or to subject potential readers to that). However, I suppose there’s no point in doing this if I haven’t included at least some of those details. Anybody out there want to give me their opinion on that?

So anyway, that’s the (vague, murky, hazy) plan so far. Starting as soon as I work out what to actually post, I will start posting about my personal journey. After all, that’s how this blog started, except it was just for a different journey.

And then again, I may wake up in the morning and read this, and ask “What in the world was I thinking???” Watch this space (well, if you want to)…

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Ten years since he asked

Today is our “engagement anniversary”. It may seem a strange day to remember, but to me, it’s just as significant as our wedding anniversary.

On this day, ten years ago, we committed ourselves to one another, in a private moment shared by just the two of us. One hundred days later - not planned that way, that’s just how it worked out - we made that commitment official, surrounded by family and friends.

Our engagement was a relatively short one, but those who really know us know that both The Man and I are slow to make big decisions - and when those decisions are made, they’re made. So we might as well have married that day, as our deliberations and second-guessing had already been done. We had been officially a couple for just over two years, and before that we had spent a year and a half as friends, going out quite frequently on “non-dates” and trying hard not to become too attached. I think most people who knew us spent a lot of time wanting to grab us and say “get on with it already!”

Just over two weeks before he asked me, we were out one night and I had initiated the “are we ever going to be more than this?” discussion. He had, of course, not wanted to just give in. He confessed later that he had actually been planning to ask, but he had wanted to choose a time when it clearly appeared to be his idea, and not just a reaction to my impatience. So, that night, shortly after returning home from the latest emotional discussion, my little sister rang, very excitedly, to announce that her boyfriend (now husband) had proposed. I burst into tears, and while I wanted to be happy for them, I was just so upset for myself… and ridiculously envious. Of course, as I found out later, that put The Man’s own proposal plans on hold further, in order to not steal their moment.

So, two weeks later, after I had prepared a romantic dinner, he finally decided he was ready to ask me. He didn’t have an engagement ring, but he found one that he had given me as a souvenir from an earlier trip to Sardinia, knelt and asked.

I laughed.

After all the fuss of the previous weeks, I didn’t know whether or not to believe him, and he had to convince me that he was serious.

Today, I was planning to prepare something less “ordinary” for dinner, to commemorate this day. Just before leaving in search of ingredients, the kitchen tap refused to turn off. So, instead of washing up, buying ingredients and cooking something special, I turned off the mains water supply, went shopping for new taps and bought takeaway Thai for dinner. Not so romantic, but the kids thought the candle was a nice touch.

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