April is Cesarean Awareness Month

Well, in the U.S. it is, anyway. However, it is just as relevant here, and the awareness is just as desperately needed.













For more information, please click on the ribbon, or here.

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Hope for our kids' future

I don’t really need to say anything about this one. Just watch (and listen to) the vid. Please :D

HT: ElementalMom

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Coffee is overrated

I had coffee today.

It was a wet day, raining pretty much constantly. During the school pickup, the kids and I were soaked. Even with umbrellas. I felt cold. Our feet squelched in our shoes. I still had to go to the shops for a couple of things, and I didn’t want to go home, dry off and go out all over again. So we went to the shops wet. I bought sushi for the boys, and then I decided to have my first coffee in 27 days (give or take half an hour).

I expected something significant. Maybe a sudden caffeine hit, having acclimatised to being virtually caffeine-free (OK, so I’ve had some chocolate, but even if there is caffeine in that - which is still up for debate - it’s hardly significant). Maybe a noticeable increase in heart rate. Maybe a feeling of guilty pleasure from indulging in something from which I’d been abstaining. Instead, at best, it was OK. It was nice and warming, yes. It tasted OK, but nothing to get excited about. If anything, my heart rate has been lower all afternoon. And now I have the guilt without the pleasure. I haven’t even confessed to DH yet. And, surprisingly, the boys haven’t told on me, either.

Apparently, I don’t really need my coffee fix. In fact, the green smoothie I just had was far more satisfying than that moment of weakness, even on a dreary, wet, cool day.

[Edit: DH walked in while I was typing this, so he knows now ;)]

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Unexpected benefit of riding a men's bike

Last week (or so, don’t remember exactly) the boys and I were riding along, minding our own business on our way home from school, when we caught up with another mum with her kids walking home from school. We slowed down, carefully passed them, and started to move on.

Then I heard the mum start saying something along the lines of “Well, I didn’t know it wasn’t a man, I wasn’t really looking!” in that defensive, too-loud way that you do when you think your kids have embarrassed you in public. In actual fact, I don’t recall hearing any of what they had said before that, but I imagine that the mum had said something about moving over to get out of the man’s way, and that the kids had informed her that I wasn’t a man. Like I said, I don’t really know, but I recognised the mum’s embarrassment. I don’t know what made her think I was a man. I was riding a men’s bike, but if she hadn’t seen me she may have been judging by my voice, while I was telling my boys to go around the other people carefully.

At first I was slightly amused at being called a man. I acknowledge that it’s not easy to judge gender from a fleeting glimpse of a person on a bike (while trying not to stare). And I’m fat. And I don’t have close-fitting bike clothes to show off my femininity (mostly because of the fat thing). Then I started thinking that this may be a positive thing. If another woman can mistake me for a man, then maybe I could stop being so paranoid about riding on quiet bike paths alone. Maybe those (admittedly rare) attacks were on petite women riding women’s bikes. Maybe a bigger woman in looser clothes on a men’s bike looks male enough to get away with it.

Maybe I should get a helmet that doesn’t have a pretty purplish design on it…

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Not OK

Homework sucks. I can’t do it.

How can I tell myself I’m OK, when I’m constantly being told that I’m not?

How can one possibly know what this is like for me, if one has never experienced having excess weight, and has never had to make the effort and figure out how to get rid of it?

I’ve actually lost a little weight. Losing weight while doing this will just lead to my receiving a “see, told you”, even if the other things I’m trying might have caused it. I think I’ve shown how ridiculous obsessive counting of numbers on labels is. It’s doing my head in. But apparently the counting is what I need. Um, news flash, I have OCD.

I’m not OK.

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