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Thanks for noticing!

Well, I intended to write a follow-up ages ago. Last time I talked about my health/weight journey was almost two months ago! At the time, I was aiming to be under 100kg by New Year - and I reached that goal. :) And was ridiculously happy about it. I m… more »
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Ten years

Ten years ago today, the day after Christmas, on the Feast of the Holy Family, The Man and I became husband and wife. Incidentally, a year later, on the Sunday after Christmas, the Feast of the Holy Family, our firstborn was baptised, and the saved tier… more »
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Remembering Nonno

Today is the twenty second anniversary of my Nonno's passing. It seems so long ago now, and it's almost two thirds of my lifetime ago, but there are some things that stay in memory better than others. Every year this day comes and I think of him espec… more »
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Coffee is overrated

I had coffee today. It was a wet day, raining pretty much constantly. During the school pickup, the kids and I were soaked. Even with umbrellas. I felt cold. Our feet squelched in our shoes. I still had to go to the shops for a couple of things, and I… more »
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Hello, my name is Margaret and I am a caffeine addict... apparently

:coffee1: I'm sitting here with a cup of coffee. It's the first one I've had (or even attempted) in four days. I'm (mostly) avoiding dairy, and at home, I drink it with homemade almond "milk" (yeah, yeah, how do you milk an almond?... anyway...) I d… more »
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