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Sometimes there's only one thing

Sometimes, there's only one thing that stops me.Sometimes, the only thing that stops me is the fact that I am Catholic, and Catholics "don't do that".Sometimes, the only thing that stops me is the fear of it hurting too much, or for too long.… more »
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Should sleep.Should stay awake.Should blog.Should work on the new blog.Should stop deluding myself that I have anything worth saying.Should check email.Should check twitter.Should check facebook.Should unplug.Should exercise.Sho… more »
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Time for a blog makeover

It started with CaringBridge. My child was terribly sick, and I was overwhelmed, and somebody recommended an easier way than email and phonecalls. It put all the updates in one place, and people new to the journey could go back and catch up... more »
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"As long as it's healthy"

A quick internet search reveals that I'm not the first person to blog about this phrase, but it has been bothering me for some time, and a conversation this morning reminded me how much it bothers me. It invariably comes after the question "do you know w… more »
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Remembering Nonno

Today is the twenty second anniversary of my Nonno's passing. It seems so long ago now, and it's almost two thirds of my lifetime ago, but there are some things that stay in memory better than others. Every year this day comes and I think of him espec… more »
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