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The Thought

Tonight, I entertained the thought. I flirted with the idea.It danced around my brain, revelling in the freedom that came from my momentary lack of resistance.It slid down into my mouth, and rolled off my tongue.I think it scared him. He want… more »
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Oooh! Shiny! (or, What did you do today?)

No, I didn't hang the wet washing out before it turned smelly. But more »
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Telling the first "others"

Today, we told the kids the news. We decided that they should be the first, besides ourselves, to know. It was fun to see their facial expressions change as the information registered in their brains. They started trying to talk to the baby in my tummy,… more »
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Ten years since he asked

Today is our "engagement anniversary". It may seem a strange day to remember, but to me, it's just as significant as our wedding anniversary. On this day, ten years ago, we committed ourselves to one another, in a private moment shared by just the two… more »
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Not OK

Homework sucks. I can't do it. How can I tell myself I'm OK, when I'm constantly being told that I'm not? How can one possibly know what this is like for me, if one has never experienced having excess weight, and has never had to make the effort an… more »
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