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The "H" word

I hate taking young children with small bladders to the shops. I hate public/shopping centre toilets. Actually, I hate what people leave on, or under, the toilet seat, and can't be bothered cleaning up after themselves. I hate being the one who notice… more »
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I had a funny thought today. Actually, it wasn't so funny, and it was accompanied by more fantasies of hysterectomy (and further thoughts wondering what other horrible ways my body would find to detox if it came to that). Oh, not sure if I already ment… more »
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Lest we forget

Today is ANZAC Day. We remember the soldiers who fell, fighting for the freedoms we enjoy today. I appreciate the sacrifice made by so many soldiers and the families that were waiting for them to come home. And then I wonder what freedoms we really… more »
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Fat lot of good...

Last year, I had a major falling-out with somebody I had considered to be my closest friend. We had known each other since our older children were babies, and we had become a lot closer after our younger ones were born, when we both developed post natal… more »
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Death of a piano

You may not recognise it in the photo, but a household in my street threw out a piano today. Evidently they're having a big clean-up, and have even hired a skip for the job. About half a dozen of them wheeled the piano out of the driveway and next to t… more »
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