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Pumping iron

Mostly a boring, technical post today. Apart from a few things that are still causing stress, the OCD and anxiety have marginally improved this week, but I'm just really, really tired. And a bit achy in places, which is to be expected at this stage. Y… more »
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Game plan

36 week appointment was today. The Man had a day off and attended with me. He told the midwife about my OCD being worse. I cried, and tried to explain what it was like. Not a good combination, and probably lucky I couldn't see a mirror. It's not usually… more »
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So, I've been:* feeling extremely tired* going to bed early (for me!) and catching naps during the day* getting hungry a bit more suddenly than usual* experiencing some low-level nausea and slight dizziness* totally unmotivated to do much exerc… more »
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Killing it softly (with apologies to Ms Flack)

OK, you know the tune. I'm in a bit of a silly mood. But anyway, word of warning - this is about the thing on my forehead. Actual details here. The "song" makes more sense that way. He said "We'll have to treat it, looks like a BCC. It's too inflamed… more »
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But I don't want a brow lift!

Yesterday, DH and I went for our annual skin checks.He, of course, was declared worry-free, which is good, of course.I have to go back in a couple of weeks. Most of my body, although fat, and partially sunburned from my bike ride on Saturday, is… more »
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