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The Thought

Tonight, I entertained the thought. I flirted with the idea.It danced around my brain, revelling in the freedom that came from my momentary lack of resistance.It slid down into my mouth, and rolled off my tongue.I think it scared him. He want… more »
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Oooh! Shiny! (or, What did you do today?)

No, I didn't hang the wet washing out before it turned smelly. But more »
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Game plan

36 week appointment was today. The Man had a day off and attended with me. He told the midwife about my OCD being worse. I cried, and tried to explain what it was like. Not a good combination, and probably lucky I couldn't see a mirror. It's not usually… more »
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Ten years

Ten years ago today, the day after Christmas, on the Feast of the Holy Family, The Man and I became husband and wife. Incidentally, a year later, on the Sunday after Christmas, the Feast of the Holy Family, our firstborn was baptised, and the saved tier… more »
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Well, I didn't realise how long it's been since I posted here. Apparently, I started "getting serious" and seriously abandoned the blog.We did complete the 3 day challenge mentioned in that last post - basically green smoothies for breakfast, lunch a… more »
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