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The Thought

Tonight, I entertained the thought. I flirted with the idea.It danced around my brain, revelling in the freedom that came from my momentary lack of resistance.It slid down into my mouth, and rolled off my tongue.I think it scared him. He want… more »
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Oooh! Shiny! (or, What did you do today?)

No, I didn't hang the wet washing out before it turned smelly. But more »
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Dear Uterus,I apologise for naming every second week "Dear Uterus, Please Shrivel Up and Fall Out" (DUPSUFO) Week. I do appreciate the good things about you:* you can grow babies: I know many women would envy my undeserving self;* on that note, y… more »
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Exposing myself

I'm torn. When I started this blog, it was supposed to be mainly for me, and maybe a few friends and family. I don't want to be the kind of blogger that has millions of readers and is expected to come up with a masterpiece every day. At the same time,… more »
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Supporting those who support people like me

A few months ago, while trying to find answers, hope, help, something to get me through this place in which I found myself, I came across Postpartum Progress, a website and blog dedicated to supporting women who, like me, are suffering from PMADs. more »
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