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Logic vs instinct vs OCD vs paranoia vs fear

And the winner is... nobody. I have a problem. I admit it. And it isn't getting any better. I have OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). It's been "diagnosed" for about fifteen years, but looking back, I know it was there a long time before that - w… more »
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Thanks for noticing!

Well, I intended to write a follow-up ages ago. Last time I talked about my health/weight journey was almost two months ago! At the time, I was aiming to be under 100kg by New Year - and I reached that goal. :) And was ridiculously happy about it. I m… more »
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Green smoothies on ice

Back in February, I wrote about our summer experiment with "tea" made into ice blocks/icy poles/popsicles. Summer is again approaching, and with the unseasonably hot spring, the boys wanted to make more. So they did. During the past few months, we've… more »
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Not OK

Homework sucks. I can't do it. How can I tell myself I'm OK, when I'm constantly being told that I'm not? How can one possibly know what this is like for me, if one has never experienced having excess weight, and has never had to make the effort an… more »
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Iced tea... with a twist

Technically, it's iced herbal infusion with a twist, since we don't actually drink "real" tea. Anyway, during the summer, we've made a few batches of iceblocks (icy poles) with juice or lemonade. We have décor Lickety-Sips® but obviously any similar moul… more »
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