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About a month ago I said something about healthy weight loss and said I'd come back to it later. At the time, my son had just spent five days in hospital. more »
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Spring cleaning

I've never really been a "spring cleaner". I've often thought about it, and I like the idea, but it never seems to happen. However, it's been a rough year, and this place needs some serious attention. By this place, I mean not just my surroundings, but m… more »
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Highs, lows and plateaux

This poor, neglected blog. I keep thinking of things I want to write, but never seem to write them. Sometimes it's because I'm doing well and have better things to do. Sometimes it's because I'm doing badly and just don't have the strength... more »
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Starting over

I had high hopes of blogging my six weeks of following my new plan, and suddenly it's over. And I'm about to do it again. It's possible that there's been some slight improvement, but I can't see much. The other night I had the mother of all anxiety at… more »
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One year can change everything

Around this time last year, I was having my worst bout of OCD in a long time. It was even worse than what I've been experiencing lately. We had just settled in to a beachside hotel for a few days, as The Man was attending a conference, and The Boys and I… more »
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