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New game plan

I've posted about my OCD before. I thought I was doing OK, but recently it's gone the other way again. Remembering my experience after my previous birth, I thought I had to worry about postnatal depression (PND)/postpartum depression (PPD), but this time… more »
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Game plan

36 week appointment was today. The Man had a day off and attended with me. He told the midwife about my OCD being worse. I cried, and tried to explain what it was like. Not a good combination, and probably lucky I couldn't see a mirror. It's not usually… more »
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Why do you bother?

Yesterday, on the way home from church, we stopped at a local sushi place and treated ourselves to a sushi roll each (yes, mine was made from cooked seafood). I sent The Man and boys into the shop while I went a few doors up to buy myself a coffee. As an… more »
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Well, I didn't realise how long it's been since I posted here. Apparently, I started "getting serious" and seriously abandoned the blog.We did complete the 3 day challenge mentioned in that last post - basically green smoothies for breakfast, lunch a… more »
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Coffee is overrated

I had coffee today. It was a wet day, raining pretty much constantly. During the school pickup, the kids and I were soaked. Even with umbrellas. I felt cold. Our feet squelched in our shoes. I still had to go to the shops for a couple of things, and I… more »
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