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Afraid of getting better

I had a thought today... OK, well, considering my brain, that's a pretty stupid, or at least redundant, thing to say, right? I thought about all the times I feel like I've made a little bit of progress, then another obsessive thought steps in and tell… more »
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Coffee is overrated

I had coffee today. It was a wet day, raining pretty much constantly. During the school pickup, the kids and I were soaked. Even with umbrellas. I felt cold. Our feet squelched in our shoes. I still had to go to the shops for a couple of things, and I… more »
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Nothing to see here...

Literally. Apparently there is no evidence of fibroids, cysts or other bad things. Quite frankly, when I look at the scans, I can't even see a uterus! I've never been good at those scans. The word "normal" is used in the report (twice) and "no pathol… more »
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Last coffee

Made with a fair trade coffee bag, with some maple syrup and vanilla thrown in, because I don't like black coffee. Originally I was going to make my last cup of coffee black, unflavoured, so I would remember it as a not-too-enjoyable experience, and hop… more »
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Don't ask me how I am...

... because I might tell you :)) But seriously... I'm doing some major reassessment of my life. I believe I - ahem - "forgot" to mention here that I fell off the giving-up-coffee wagon a couple of weeks after I jumped on it. I didn't last through… more »
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