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For @signingcharity

Dear Charity,

In all honesty, when Lauren at My Postpartum Voice brought it to my attention that you needed some support this week, I didn’t really know what to do. I knew I wanted to help, and I wanted to contribute something, but I didn’t really know how.

I haven’t known you that long.
I don’t know you that well.
I miss a lot that happens on Twitter, since I’m on the other side of the world, I don’t always get a chance to sign in or catch up, and you all seem to have the best conversations while I’m not there.
I’m hopeless at keeping up with everybody’s blogs, including my own.

However, I know that you’re loved.
I know that you’re struggling with that anniversary.
I know that you’re on a completely different path than you were a year ago.
I know that you’re strong, and can keep going through the hard stuff.

Anniversaries of bad days are hard. I know. I have many of those, and one in particular. They are harsh reminders of harsh times in our lives. They can make us anxious, and fearful, and tearful.

And they can be measuring sticks, showing us that this anniversary is different from that day, that a photo of today will look different than a photo of that day. I’m hoping that, one day, on this anniversary, you will be able to look at this date and be proud of your progress on your journey, and glad that you took such brave steps towards your recovery.

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