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Oooh! Shiny! (or, What did you do today?)

No, I didn’t hang the wet washing out before it turned smelly.
But I did see it sitting there and I felt terribly guilty about it.
We can wash it again.

No, I didn’t put the smelly laundry back in to wash it again.
But I did think about it. And I felt terribly guilty about it.
Maybe my back will be less painful tomorrow.

No, I didn’t put on another load of laundry.
But I did tidy the piles so I could see the washing machine better.
See, there’s a floor there. And there’s still some smelly stuff to rewash.

No, I didn’t get the kid to school on time.
But I did get him there — and I did remember to pick him up.
We were only a little bit late.

No, I didn’t spend a decent amount of time outside in the sun.
But I did spend a few minutes walking around the car after we got home again.
Apparently, I didn’t hit anything (or anybody).

No, I didn’t clear the desk.
But I did pay the bills.
They were only a little bit late.

No, I didn’t finish getting dinner ready before you arrived home.
But I did keep a baby alive all day with just my breastmilk.
Maybe you could wash the salad leaves for me?

No, I didn’t finish washing up all the dishes.
But I did get through glasses and cutlery before baby yelled at me.
See how shiny they are?

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