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Spring cleaning

I’ve never really been a “spring cleaner”. I’ve often thought about it, and I like the idea, but it never seems to happen. However, it’s been a rough year, and this place needs some serious attention. By this place, I mean not just my surroundings, but me, too.

And it’s spring.

So I’m making myself a list of things to accomplish during September, springtime resolutions, so to speak. If I write it here, it makes me slightly more accountable.

Every day:

  • pray
  • drink at least two litres (water, herbal tea etc)
  • clean the kitchen (keep it functional!)
  • spend time outside (not just going to and from the car for school pickup/dropoff)
  • knit
  • brush my teeth (yes, really)
  • go to bed before midnight (aiming for earlier, but being lenient to start)

Every week (at least once per week):

  • blog something
  • do some intentional physical exercise (again, aiming for more than this, but it’s a start)
  • have a family vegetarian day
  • clear the laundry (keep it functional!)
  • attend Mass (this has been a really difficult one for me)

By the end of September (at least once):

  • walk to church with the husband and kids
  • walk to school with the kids
  • ride my bike somewhere (away from the house)
  • start to shift some leftover weight (healthily — more on this later)
  • get at least one room of the house in some sort of order

I may add more. That’s just what I could think of off the top of my head right at this moment.

So far (after one day!) I’m doing OK on the daily list.

Baby is “helping” me sort the box of papers under the desk…

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